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Distributed Violin Duet

On November 9, 2001, a violin duet was performed over a wide area, high speed computer network in full-screen video as part of the RISQ 2001 Conference. To our knowledge, this marked the world's first demonstration of such a high quality and low-latency system, using internet protocol communications.

Although separated by several kilometres, the two performers were able to hear each other in "near-real-time," (approximately 20 ms delay) allowing them to synchronize their playing as if standing together on the same stage. A one-way video transmission from accompanied the audio -- problems with the second video card prevented this from being a bi-directional video demonstration.

Nathan Picklyk (on stage) performs with Monica Guenter (on screen)

See the video clip samples of the rehearsal (Hayden duet, Nov. 2, 2001) and the performance (Lidl duet, Nov. 9, 2001)