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Canada-California Research Consortium in Digitally Merged Environments for Collaboration, Interaction, Simulation and Teleoperation

The main objective is to create digitally merged environments where an individual in one environment has the overwhelming sensory experience of being in a completely different environment. This requires technology sophisticated enough to suspend disbelief so that the user is free to concentrate on a primary activity without the distraction that results from awareness of the technology being used. This project will lead to the formation of a research and development consortium of highly skilled individuals that can create the next-generation software and hardware capable of producing such an experience. It will provide major improvements in distance collaboration, interaction, simulation, and teleoperation involving a wide range of applications advancing arts, entertainment, science, medicine, engineering, education, and management. The new research and development consortium can then proceed to the next stage of forming alliances with industry partners and developing a business plan that can attract major funding.

There were seven universities in Canada and five in California involved in the project. The University of Victoria subsequently withdrew and the remaining participants were:

University of Manitoba
École de technologie supérieure
Université de Montréal
University of Alberta
Ontario College of Art and Design

UC San Diego
UC Berkeley
UC Davis
UC Santa Barbara

A two day "collaborative event" was held at UC San Diego in February 2010 to review the participants' expertise and experience and discuss proposals for joint research projects. A final report was submitted in September 2010 recommending that a smaller group or groups be formed to prepare a Business Plan for a research consortium. One such group has since submitted a funding request for Business Plan preparation.

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