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Project Deliverables & Milestones

A: Dec. 31, 2005

  • Project web site established.
  • Project staff hired.
  • Consultation with other projects (LOOKING, MBARI) on specifications completed.
  • High definition video camera selected.
  • Hardware for video transmission over fibre selected.
  • Web services software development plan completed.
  • User interface testing using mock-up interfaces completed.
  • Underwater vehicle modification specifications completed.
  • Underwater component deployment plan completed.

B: Mar. 31, 2006

  • Existing McGill transmission software replicated in WSDL/SOAP.
  • Plan for UCLP software test (CRC v.s. UQAM) completed.
  • Low-fidelity camera-control interface prototype testing completed.
  • Integration of security/authorization for camera access completed.
  • Underwater camera housing specifications completed and manufacturer selected.
  • Connector and tether mounting specifications completed.
  • Design of tether management system completed.
  • Design of underwater camera support system completed.

C: June 30, 2006

  • Web Services software alpha test completed.
  • Web services implementation testing on lab cameras completed.
  • User interface testing for session initiation and control completed.
  • Camera-control user interface completed.
  • Plan completed for incorporating bio-fouling shutter if necessary.
  • Plan completed for incorporating illumination if necessary.
  • Underwater pan/tilt specifications completed.

C: Sept. 30, 2006

  • Web Services software beta test and revisions completed.
  • Report on UCLP software test (CRC v.s. UQAM) for ease of use, etc.
  • Report on video quality, network performance, and accuracy and response time of camera control.
  • User interface for session initiation and control completed.
  • Incorporation of sensor display in user interface completed.
  • Web services management of sensor data communication completed.
  • Camera housing completed.
  • Underwater pan/tilt completed.
  • Camera housing mated to vehicle and tested.
  • Camera assembly attached to VENUS node.

D: Dec. 31, 2006

  • Independent evaluation - report involving feedback from test users of system.
  • HCI analysis and interface tuning completed.
  • Final revisions of software as a result of feedback from test users completed.
  • Data stream format for NEPTUNE integration specified.
  • Camera assembly performance tests completed.
  • Any necessary modifications of camera assembly completed.
  • Demonstrations for sponsors and the press completed.
  • Final project report completed.